Have more fun in the pool this summer with these pool toys and accessories.

pool toysThere are roughly 100 days of unofficial summer. That’s not much time to enjoy the sun and refreshing waters of your pool. Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, these fun pool toys and accessories will help you get the most out of your pool in the short time you have each summer. Continue reading →

Sleep Solutions: Scents & Sounds for a Good Night’s Sleep

sleep solutions scents and soundsWhen it comes to the effects of scents and sounds on sleep, there’s more than meets the eye. Which maybe isn’t such a high bar, since you can’t see smells and sounds in the first place, and besides, if you’re trying to sleep you should really close your eyes—but you know what we mean. With your vision offline, your senses of smell and hearing take the lead, giving them more power to help you slip into a doze, or, if things go wrong, to keep you up all night. Here are a few sleep solutions that will help you get on your way to dreamland. Continue reading →


If you already felt like you never wanted to leave your man cave, this massage chair recliner will ensure they’ll file a missing person’s report for you. Massage while watching the game? Check! Massage while mashing buttons on your favorite console? Check! Kick back and relax. You deserve this. It’s #ManCaveMonday after all!


Pool Games—Beyond Marco Polo

pool gamesIt’s been a great run, Marco Polo, but let’s face it—the thrill is gone. It’s time we started playing other games. Here are a few fresh activities to bring a little excitement back into the old pool routine.

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Top 10 Pool Products For Summer Fun


1. Underwater Pogo Stick That’s right. It’s a pogo stick. For underwater. All the pogo of the traditional stick, none of the “Oh no” of falling on dry land.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Pool Basketball Everyone’s favorite. You and the kids will be staging free-throw competitions to decide who’s got next dibs on the hoop.

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